East Cork Early Music promotes the performance and appreciation of early music in historic venues in East Cork and in Cork City.

We aim to integrate the authentic style and spirit of an earlier time with performances which are vital and coherent in the present.

Early Music

Early Music

The term “Early Music” generally refers to music composed before 1750, performed on instruments appropriate to the period. However, the festival may also include later music and make connections to contemporary music, oral tradition and folk music from various cultures, and other art forms such as dance, theatre, literature, visual art and film.

In this way we acknowledge “Early Music” as a vital root of our present culture.


Local & International

East Cork Early Music works to nurture and support Irish and Irish-based musicians at every level, as well as attracting world class performers from overseas. We promote concerts of the highest quality and innovation to audiences both local and international.



The festival has an educational programme of masterclasses, lectures, school concerts and workshops. These are aimed at a wide range of students; from primary school children through to college level, as well as professionals and adults. We are passionate about making early music accessible to all.

Music students and up and coming young professionals have been profoundly influenced by working in masterclasses with world renowned musicians such as:

  • Emma Kirkby and James Bowman – Voice
  • Adrian Butterfield and Rachel Podger – Baroque violin
  • Rachel Brown, Barthold Kuijken and Wilbert Hazelzet – Baroque Flute
  • Pamela Thorby, Robert Ehrlich and Ian Wilson – recorders
Bob Van Asperen and Malcolm Proud – harpsichord
  • William Carter and Jacob Lindberg – Baroque Guitar and Lute
  • Elizabeth Wallfisch – baroque violin
  • Mary Collins – baroque dance
  • Andreas Helm – baroque oboe