Peter Whelan

Davide Monti & Festival All-Stars

Nano Nagle Place
Sunday 16th October, 5pm
Tickets: €18 

Davide Monti – baroque violin
Krishna Nagaraja – baroque viola
Norah O’Leary – baroque cello

Music Invisible

Critically-acclaimed Italian violinist Davide Monti explores the power of string instruments in music of the eighteenth-century, bringing the stars of the festival together with Italo-Indian viola player Krishna Nagaraja and Irish cellist Norah O’Leary.

With music from Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi, and Locatelli, for solo violin and duos, Davide explores the ‘chordless’ string instrument repertoire of the eighteenth-century, where harmony remains elusive, implied, and intimated rather than stated.